About us

Agricultural Cooperative "Lietuviškas ūkis" was registered on 22 January 2009 in Šakiai region. The Cooperative united the largest dairy farms in Suvalkija region. Not less than 50 tons of milk are milked and sold per day. Total area of farmland of members of the Cooperative is around 8000 ha, and the cow herd has 3.400 heads.

The objective of the Cooperative's activity is the satisfaction of economic, farming and social needs of its members, supplying them with production measures, providing consulting services, manufacturing, processing and selling production, as well as engaging in other manufacturing, economic and commercial activity, representing and defending interests of members at various authorities. The aims of the Cooperative:

  • To perform service to the members, commercial and other services, import and export operations, purchase manufacturing means, equipment, materials and other values in Lithuania and abroad;
  • To operate in Lithuania and abroad, to sell its production and services in internal and foreign markets.
  • To coordinate activity of members of the Cooperative in settling manufacturing, commercial, social security and other issues, to mediate in contracting business partners, to participate in national and international exhibitions and fairs.
  • To organize qualification raising, training and internships of its members and employees in Lithuania and foreign countries, to install new technologies, scientific and practical innovations, to cooperate in performing scientific researches and other works.